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A brain-boosting formula in a cold-brew mocha, designed to give you long-lasting energy and focus each day

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Hacker’s Brew starts with the highest-quality ingredients, including organic coffee, coconut cream, and cacao. We then added a good dose of adaptogens, and extended the half-life of caffeine so that it lasts longer. Full-day performance, with the same amount of caffeine as a normal mocha drink — this is not your ordinary coffee experience!
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Our Mission

Find out more about our mission to help like-minded
people reach peak performance through the benefits
of nootropic-infused coffee and other enhanced superfoods!

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Hacker's Brew 10-Pack

Hacker's Brew 10-Pack

The original cold brew coconut mocha drink that increases mental energy and powers you through the day!  Each bottle is ready-to-drink, and stays fresh for 14 days.

[Note: Because Hacker’s Brew is a hand-crafted product made in limited batches, your bundle of goodness will be delivered 1-2 weeks after your order is placed.]

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