What is Hacker’s Brew?

Hacker’s Brew is a coffee (currently only cold brew), that is infused with nootropics.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are neuro-enhancing ingredients that improve one or more aspects of mental function. Our unique formula provides increased attention, improved focus, and reduces mental fatigue.

Aside from that, is there any else that’s special?

Hacker’s Brew contains about the same amount of caffeine as a regular mocha coffee, but because of some ground-breaking work, the caffeine’s half-life is doubled, giving you longer-lasting energy.

How quickly does Hacker’s Brew work and how long will it last?

You’ll notice the benefits of Hacker’s Brew within 30 minutes, which then typically last a full work day or more.

When is the best time to drink Hacker’s Brew?

The best time varies from person to person. It really all depends on when you need to be productive, so we recommend to drink Hacker’s Brew 30 minutes before you need to focus and get to work. To realize the full potential of Hacker’s Brew, we recommend drinking one before breakfast or with a light meal.


I’m not feeling great today, should I have a Hacker’s Brew?

We do not recommend drinking one. Hacker’s Brew is most effective when you are feeling well and you’ve had a full night’s sleep.

How many bottles of Hacker’s Brew are needed to realize the effect each day?

We’ve found that you only need to drink one per day, to realize the full effect.  Over time, you’ll find Hacker’s Brew will offer cumulative benefits to your cognitive ability.

I’m pregnant, can I have a Hacker’s Brew?

Congratulations on the new addition! But unfortunately, pregnant or nursing women and children should not drink Hacker’s Brew.

Can I purchase a hot brew version of Hacker’s Brew?

Not yet, but we’re working on that and a few other things!

What are some potential allergens?

The coconut creamer is produced at a facility that also processes nuts. Hacker’s Brew is gluten and dairy-free. And not that anyone is allergic to GMO’s, but Hacker’s Brew is also non-GMO.

What are some nutritional facts about the ingredients?

We designed this drink to be within a range of carbohydrates, sugars, and calories that are lower than that of other cold mochas and lattes you'd find on the shelves in a grocery store or at local coffee shop.
UPDATE: Our newly released version of Hacker's Brew (v.4) contains 13g sugar, 16g carbs, and 104 calories per bottle. That's a 38% decrease in sugar, as well as a significant reduction in calories and carbohydrates compared to v.3!

Will Hacker’s Brew spoil if not refrigerated?

Yes, you should refrigerate it as soon as you get it. If left in warm temperatures, the coconut creamer in Hacker’s Brew will thicken, much like yogurt or kefir. It's not dangerous by any means, but it's not meant to be stored or consumed in any way but cold.

If you think your Hacker’s Brew is spoiled, but it isn't past the expiration date, feel free to contact us. Take a picture of the bottle’s expiration date, and the liquid itself, and send it in. If you wait to contact us AFTER the expiration date, then unfortunately there’s nothing we can do for you.
Finally, once past the expiration date, we don’t recommend drinking it -- Hacker's Brew is made with fresh ingredients, after all.

I really love this product, but why does it cost more than a regular coffee and energy drink?

I’m glad you asked! It’s a two-part answer, so follow us on this...

1. Every day millions of people spend $5-$6 for a blended mocha frappuccino with one shot (one measly shot!) of espresso, and three pumps of chocolate-flavored syrup. All they get is a short-lived caffeine boost, and a bunch of added sugar. And don’t get us started on the cost of cold-pressed juices...

For a similar cost, we on the other hand, start with organic coffee from a top roaster, add organic coconut creamer, and supplement with the high-quality natural ingredients that make our stack. We've also spent countless months formulating our ingredient stack with certified laboratories and top neuroscientists. The result is a performance boost that lasts the entire work day in a drink that safely provides additional improvement over time. Take THAT $tarbucks and R3dBull!

2. One of our highest priorities is making sure your Hacker’s Brew is delivered as fresh as possible. We bottle our best batch of brew, then cold-pack and ship via priority overnight to maintain freshness. Priority shipping is expensive, but don't worry, we are actively working to get those costs down to pass the savings onto you!

What's the best way to drink Hacker's Brew?

We prefer straight from the bottle, but most importantly, it has to be cold! Pour it over ice, go James Bond and drink it shaken with ice, or blend it with a banana if you want. As long as Hacker’s Brew is cold, there’s no wrong way to drink it.

I drink bullet coffee. What makes you different?

Bulletproofing your coffee is fine. But we think butter is better on toast.  We also believe Hacker's Brew offers greater benefits, both on a daily basis, and with longer-term use.
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