Our mission is to help you reach peak performance through the benefits of nootropic coffee and other enhanced superfoods.

Our founder was looking for an effective nootropics stack free of side effects, that provided long-term benefits. Working hand-in-hand with neuroscientists and biohackers, they created the perfect mixture to significantly increase mental energy, improve focus, and eliminate brain fog. These coffee-loving hackers then worked with roasters to find the perfect blend of nootropics, cold brew and creamer. And after rigorous rounds of testing, Hacker’s Brew was born.

Our Principled Approach to Performance

At Hacker's Brew we live by a few philosophical principles which guide our product design...

1. Your body is a complex system, that can increase its potential given the right fuel.
Truth be told, there is no single food that will make you healthier, and no nootropic that will lead to great performance gains if your biological system is out of wack. However, there is a tipping point at which (under the right conditions) your body's mechanisms will kick in, self-heal, and be encouraged to grow even better than before. When formulating Hacker's Brew, we took this approach in mind. The ingredient stack we've developed takes a "whole system" perspective, whereby the ingredients work well _in combination with one another_ to provide immediate benefits, and increased improvement over time.

2. To provide REAL and HONEST performance gains, nutritional supplements require constant innovation.
You'll notice each bottle has a version number -- this is not just for aesthetic reasons. Unlike other supplements and energy drinks on the shelf today, we regularly adjust our formula based on our research and testing, so that you'll always receive the newest and best-performing version available. We're also constantly evaluating new processes and technology to improve our design, so that the best quality product makes it to your door at an affordable price.

3. We need to take a humanistic approach to food, supplements, and technology.
We want to _integrate_ technology into our lives, _not_ create some awkward imbalance. When it comes to nootropics and mental performance, we want a real boost, but not at the expense of good taste. We also don't want to change our routine, or ignore common sense. We love coffee, and we love meals -- let's not replace either.

We believe in Hacker's Brew, because we drink and benefit from it every day. And we are happiest when we hear the same from you: less fatigue and inflammation; increased clarity, focus, and motivation. These are the things that make us proud to bring Hacker's Brew, and other new products to you in the future!
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