Was something wrong with your order? We stand by our product and want you to be happy, although as a product made with fresh ingredients, we do ask that you take care to refrigerate your product, and use them before the expiration date. As with fresh drinks and produce, we cannot recommend or guarantee once past the expiration.

If you think your Hacker’s Brew is spoiled, but it isn't past the expiration date, feel free to contact us. Take a picture of the bottle expiration immediately that day, and of the liquid itself (in a glass or bowl, is fine), and send it in.  If you wait to contact us AFTER the expiration date, then unfortunately there’s nothing we can do for you.

Send the email to hello@hackersbrew.com, and be sure to include your name, order confirmation number, and the reason for your request. We may require proof of purchase if we can’t verify your order.

If the product appears to have been damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately at hello@hackersbrew.com  with the word DAMAGED in the subject line and a photo of the damaged items.

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